Do’s And Don’ts Of Spray Tan

Do’s And Don'ts Of Spray Tan

When you consider that you may get vitamin D just by going outside and spending some time in the sun without spending any money, you may ask why anyone would spend money on a sunless tanning product. Although it is true that spray tans may cost you significantly more money, it is also true that they will cost you significantly less in terms of the possible harm caused by the sun, including accelerated aging, black patches, sun damage, or even skin cancer. Spray tanning, on the other hand, gives you a healthy glow without the use of UV rays.

In addition, spray tans are only transitory, in contrast to the sun damage caused by UV radiation. DHA, the active component in self-tanners, is obtained from sugar, most commonly from beets. It then has a chemical reaction with the amino acids on the surface of the epidermis, which causes the epidermis to darken. Because of this, a tan from a self-tanning product only lasts between 7 and 10 days because it is shed along with your dead skin cells when you exfoliate your skin.

Bronzer is the other primary component of spray tanning solutions, and you may observe its effects just minutes, or even seconds, after being sprayed with the solution. This bronzer acts as a color guide, indicating where the tan has already been applied and providing a preview of how your skin will appear once the DHA has fully grown. It takes approximately 12 hours for a conventional spray tan to set, but it may take much less time for a rapid tan), and it takes 24 hours for both tans to develop fully. 

After going through all of this trouble and expense, you will want to ensure that your spray tan is applied evenly and that it lasts as long as it possibly can. Because of this, you must know what activities you ought to avoid in the hours and days leading to your session.

Don’t use a self-tanner.

It might be challenging to have a pale complexion, especially if you are accustomed to having a bronzed glow, but you should fight the urge to use a self-tanner or even tinted moisturizer. Your spray tan can end up looking patchy and uneven if you use these things after it has faded.

Put away your self-tanner until after you’ve had your spray tan done. You can make your spray tan last longer by applying a self-tanner a few days after you’ve had it applied. If you opt to use a self-tanner instead of getting a spray tan, then you should make sure to exfoliate your skin very lightly before applying the self-tanner. Doing so will help you get a more balanced color.

Do Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear a swimming costume or underwear that you don’t mind getting stained in the event that you get wet. Put on a protective cap over your hair, and take off all jewelry. It is imperative that you take off your watch or activity tracker. Apply a thin coating of barrier cream to sections of the body that have a tendency to have rougher skin, particularly the elbows, hands, and feet, as these parts of the body have a tendency to absorb more color.

Don’t get a hot shower.

It is possible that taking a hot shower will make you feel more relaxed, but the moisture will open all of your pores, which will cause your spray tan to go on unevenly. Because of this, you will have brown spots all over your body for approximately a week, which is probably not the look you were going for. 

If you absolutely must take a shower before getting your spray tan applied, complete your shower by rinsing your body with ice-cold water for as long as you can tolerate it. This will help shut your pores and make them less visible. You may also achieve the same results of closing and tightening your pores by rubbing an ice cube over your skin instead of taking a cold shower.

Avoid getting treated with a laser in any way

After undergoing a laser treatment for your skin, you should under no circumstances get a spray tan. This is due to the fact that the tan will peel off along with the upper few layers of the skin at the same time. Lasers have the potential to leave behind dry patches or places on the skin, which will cause the tanner to develop a deeper color there. 

Because of these factors, you should postpone having a spray tan until the peeling of your skin that resulted from the laser treatment has entirely finished. You also have the option of having just your body sprayed if the laser therapy that was performed on you was limited to just your face.

Don’t Put Acne medication on your face

It is not a good idea to use any form of topical acne medication on your face or body in the hours leading up to having a spray tan, even though it may be a regular part of your routine for caring for your skin. The majority of acne treatments, particularly face cleansers that contain benzoyl peroxide, will dry up the skin, which will have an effect on how the tan turns out. It is possible that it will cause the tan to become overly dark in some spots while causing it to peel off in others, leading to uneven results.

Stop using these products at least a few days before your tan has totally disappeared if at all possible. If you really must take medication for your acne, just avoid spraying your face with it and get the rest of your body treated instead. But you should stay away from more than simply over-the-counter topical treatments for acne. Oral acne treatments like Accutane, for example, are known to induce extreme drying of the skin, which in turn can have an effect on tan development. When using these medications, it is strongly advised that you refrain from getting a spray tan.

Do Exfoliate Gently

Before entering the spray tanning booth, you should give your entire body a light exfoliation to remove any dead skin cells that may be present. This produces an even skin surface over which the tan may be applied, which ultimately results in a color that is uniform throughout and fades at the same rate throughout. Use a scrub that does not contain oil for the most effective exfoliation, ideally doing so a day before your planned session.

For a radiant glow at any time of year, you may achieve it without exposing your skin to the potentially damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) light. At The Spa MD in Rochester Hills, Michigan, you may receive a natural-looking tan in a quick and hassle-free manner by taking advantage of the VersaSpa® spray tanning service. 

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