Kybella for Double chin Treatment

A double chin doesn’t have to define your facial profile. With Kybella®, you can effectively get rid of excess fat under your chin with just a few targeted injections or with the use of CoolSculpting® Mini. For a more defined chin, call the practice in Rochester Hills, Michigan, or schedule your chin reduction appointment online today.

Kybella® Q & A



Kybella® is an FDA-approved treatment for submental fullness, or fat under your chin. It’s an injectable treatment that comes with no downtime. Many people struggle with the appearance of their under-chin areas. Excess fat under your chin can make you look heavier or older than you actually are. If you’ve dieted and exercised, tried neck exercises, and even considered surgery, you’ll be glad to know that Kybella® can give you results. It’s a scientifically formulated way to get the profile you’ve always wanted with a minimally invasive treatment and no

When you choose Kybella®, our specialists treat the area under your chin with a series of small injections. Each Kybella® injection contains a solution of deoxycholic acid. This acid naturally occurs in your body, but Kybella® uses a synthetic version of it. As the deoxycholic acid interacts with the fat cells under your chin, it destroys them. It also helps your body absorb the destroyed fat cells and flush them out, leaving you with fewer fat cells under your chin.Kybella® permanently destroys the fat cells it reaches. As long as you avoid weight gain in the future, the results from your treatment are permanent.

Kybella® treatments usually take 20 minutes or less. You might have some bruising or swelling under your chin afterward, but you shouldn’t experience anything that would keep you from your usual daily activities. This injectable fat reduction treatment is ideal for busy people who don’t have space in their schedule to allow for downtime after a cosmetic procedure.

It depends on your under-chin area and your profile goals. Some people achieve their desired reduction in submental fullness with just one treatment, but up to six treatments may be needed to get the best results. Each Kybella® treatment should be spaced a month apart. Our specialists can let you know what to expect with Kybella®, including approximately how many treatments you’ll need.

For an alternative to injections of Kybella®, ask about CoolSculpting Mini. This device uses a process called cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells to a temperature at which they can no longer survive. Your body then breaks them down and metabolizes the fat permanently. The Spa MD recommends a series of sessions to get the results you desire. At each session, you feel intense cold for a few minutes and then your treatment area goes numb for the duration of the session.CoolSculpting Mini is best for people with mild to moderate amounts of fat under their chin. The experts at The Spa MD can recommend the best chin reduction procedure for you.If fat under your chin bothers you, call The Spa MD or schedule your Kybella® consultation online today.

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