Getting Rid of Your Love Handles with CoolSculpting

Getting Rid of Your Love Handles with CoolSculpting | The Spa MD In Rochester Hills, MI

You may have noticed that certain areas of your body seem to resist dieting and exercising, stubbornly maintaining a noticeable amount of excess fat. This issue can be particularly frustrating around your waist when the excesses fat forms love handles. These bulges of fat can diminish the appeal of our bodies inside and outside of clothing.

Love handles require a powerful and precise treatment if you want to see a noticeable reduction in their size. CoolSculpting provides the precision you need for proper treatment. The customizable applicators can be positioned directly on the love handles to reduce the amount of body fat present without altering or doing unwanted damage to other areas of the body.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for your CoolSculpting session. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Mark can provide you with the toned and beautiful body you have always wanted.

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