How to Make the Most of Your Spray Tan

How To Make The Most Of Your Spray Tan | The Spa MD In Rochester Hills, MI

A professional spray tan provides the sun-kissed skin you’re after, and chances are you’d like to keep your tan as long as possible. Many things from sun and chemicals to beauty products can cause your tan to fade too quickly. The good news is, there are steps you can take to maximize your tanning sessions.

The aesthetic experts at The Spa MD have you covered. With a full spectrum of aesthetic services, from the latest cosmetic injectables to laser hair removal, we have everything you need to look as good as you feel. 

We help you keep your skin in tiptop shape with a wide variety of skin care services, including professional spray tanning. To give you the perfect tan we use VersaSpa® spray tanning, which combines the science of skin care with advanced tanning technology.

The VersaSpa Spray Tan Difference

If you’re after the most natural-looking tan to enhance your skin’s inherent beauty, VersaSpa spray tan is it.

The ingredients in VersaSpa spray tan are environmentally friendly, socially conscious, and free of parabens. The ingredients also won’t clog your pores or increase the risk of blackheads. There’s no greasy feeling or odor to contend with. All you’re left with is beautiful, golden skin. 

VersaSpa ingredients detoxify and hydrate your skin to go beyond the average spray tan. Here are our top tips for maintaining a perfect, long-lasting spray tan.

Maintain a good moisturizing routine

Lock in your perfect tan by maintaining a solid moisturizing routine. Letting your skin dry out is bad news if you’re looking to keep your tan as long as possible. If you want to keep your tan going strong, it’s important to moisturize your skin on a daily basis. 

Doing so will keep the color from fading too quickly. Apply full body moisturizer after showering to create a protective seal, locking in moisture so that your skin stays hydrated and your tan won’t fade too quickly.

Prime your skin before your tan

What you do before you get your tan is just as important as how you maintain it afterward. Priming your skin prior to your spray tan is an excellent way to ensure that you get even coverage that you can lock in for a long-lasting golden tan. 

Exfoliate your skin the day before your scheduled spray tan to remove dead skin cells. This will give you a smoother, more even spray tan and prolong the life of your tan. Additionally, it’s equally beneficial to moisturize your skin in the days before your spray tan so that your skin is hydrated and ready.

Limit excess moisture

From long showers to sitting in the sauna, too much moisture can make your tan fade too quickly. Avoiding long showers, hot tubs, and steam rooms will go a long way in extending the life of your spray tan.

Use a gradual tanner

A high-quality gradual tanner is applied the same way you apply moisturizers. What it does is gradually replace any color that you may lose as your tan fades between tanning sessions. A gradual tanner develops gradually throughout the day, hence the name. This allows you to top up your color gradually each day so that you make the most of each spray tanning session.

Stick to gentle personal products

Shower gels with harsh ingredients or cosmetics that aren’t gentle can strip your skin of its golden tan much too quickly. If you’re looking for a long lasting tan, consider sticking to gentle personal products to protect your tan so that you don’t lift away its golden glow too quickly.

We’ve shared some of the best ways to make the most of each VersaSpa spray tanning session. To learn more, and for all of your aesthetic needs, give our team a call at our Rochester Hills, Michigan, office to schedule a consultation or send your request online today. The perfect tan awaits!

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