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Our Tips for Avoiding Toenail Fungus

Our Tips for Avoiding Toenail Fungus | The Spa MD In Rochester Hills, MI

Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) makes your toenails thick, cracked, and discolored — and until now it’s been nearly impossible to treat. Fungi that infect toenails are notoriously resistant to available treatments, leaving most people without cure. The aim has long been to manage toenail fungus rather than cure it.  

Thanks to advanced technology, the wait for an effective toenail fungus treatment is over. Joseph Mark, MD, FACS and his aesthetic specialist team at The Spa MD employ the ClearChoice™ laser system to destroy the fungi infecting your toenails and restore clear, healthy looking toenails. Here we discuss how ClearChoice™ can help restore your toenails and how to avoid toenail fungus in the future. 

Breakthrough foot fungus treatment

ClearChoice is an FDA-cleared, advanced protocol that combines the power of two distinct laser technologies in one system to eliminate toenail fungus. To treat unsightly toenail fungus, ClearChoice lasers emit powerful bursts of light energy that penetrate the nail plate deep into the nail bed.

The light energy breaks down the fungi causing the infection. Nail fungus doesn’t stand a chance against the power of ClearChoice lasers. Here are some of the advantages of toenail fungus treatment with ClearChoice:

  • Fast, simple and easy
  • Nontoxic
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Superior results

ClearChoice is a powerful solution for treating toenail fungus. 

Preventing toenail fungus

While ClearChoice lasers restore flawless toenails, there is a chance of reinfection. Toenail fungus is highly contagious but with some tips, you can protect against toenail fungus and keep your toenails clear and healthy. 

Avoid going barefoot

Locker rooms, public pools, and other communal areas are havens for toenail fungus, since these fungi thrive in damp, moist environments. Whether you’re using the shower at your gym, or visiting your local pool, it’s crucial to wear footwear such as sandals to protect your feet. This will keep your toenails from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

Disinfect regularly

Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of toenail fungus you can pick it up again. If you have a roommate, for instance, your roommate can contaminate your shower if they have athlete’s foot. That’s why it’s important to clean and disinfect your shower with a bleach-based cleanser. 

If you wear any of your shoes without socks, use a disinfectant spray and be sure to wash all of your socks in hot water. Wash your feet daily and dry them thoroughly to prevent trapped moisture between your toes.  

Use antifungal powder

It’s easy to pick up fungi without realizing. Regular use of antifungal powder is a good strategy to keep foot and toenail fungus at bay. Sprinkle antifungal powder inside your shoes to prevent the growth of fungi spores. This is especially helpful during hot weather and exercise when your feet sweat more.

Let shoes dry out

Whether you’ve just finished a workout at the gym, or you’ve spent some time outside on a hot day, it’s important to allow your shoes to dry out completely. Alternating shoes is an excellent way to allow damp shoes to dry out. Avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row and if your shoes are damp from sweating, take them off as soon as possible and switch to dry shoes.

Wear breathable shoes

Wearing the wrong footwear can mean inviting fungus. Avoid wearing cramped, tight, nonbreathable shoes that trap moisture. Instead, choose well-fitting, breathable shoes, and choose socks made from breathable material.

Toenail fungus doesn’t go away on its own. To learn more about how ClearChoice can restore the appearance of your toenails contact the team at The Spa MD to schedule a consultation or book your consultation online using our convenient online booking tool. Eliminating toenail fungus has never been so easy!

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