CoolCore™ Applicator

CoolCore Applicator Rochester Hills

The sister applicator to the CoolFit and CoolCurve+ in size, this applicator has a slight curvature ideal for treating the abdomen, back and knees.

The CoolCore is available at The Spa MD both as the original Legacy applicator and the newer CoolAdvantage applicator. With either the Legacy or CoolAdvantage, The Spa MD very often utilizes Dual Coolsculpting, also known as DualSculpting, in which both your right and left side are treated simultaneously so you may continue on with your day even faster.

CoolAdvantage Plus Applicator

CoolAdvantage Plus w/ Core Contour

CoolAdvantage Plus w/ Curve Contour

CoolAdvantage Petite w/ Curve+ Contour

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