The Importance of a Permanent Makeup Touch-up

The Importance of a Permanent Makeup Touch-up | The Spa MD In Rochester Hills, MI

Every permanent makeup procedure consists of a two-step process. We are conservative with the first session, knowing that we can always add more pigment layers later. Additionally, after the first session, pigment fades, making touch-ups extremely important for everyone,

Maintenance touch-ups will ensure that the color is refreshed and that any areas that may have faded during the healing process are corrected. The aesthetic specialists at The Spa MD want you to look and feel your best. When you get permanent cosmetic makeup, touch-ups will help you maintain fabulous results. Read on to learn about the importance of permanent makeup touch-ups. 

Ensure that you heal properly

After you get permanent cosmetic makeup a scab forms and will fall off on its own during the first week. This process happens naturally, and it’s important that you avoid picking the scab. Doing so can cause you to lose pigment and compromise the results. Coming in for a touchup once you have healed gives us the opportunity to ensure that you have healed properly and that the pigment is evenly saturated. 

Touch-up after final color is revealed

It is normal for the treated area to fade. Most people retain approximately 70-80% of their original color after their first appointment, provided that they adhere to the aftercare instructions provided.

The color begins to fade at the end of the first week, and the final color will be visible after four weeks. Once the final color is revealed, we can go in and touch up any areas that need refining so that you get an optimal result.

What happens during a touch-up?

During touch-up sessions, we can refine the details of your permanent makeup, change the shape and color, or choose a more vibrant color. In some cases, we may need to fill in sparse spots that did not retain pigment. We concentrate our efforts on areas that require improvement.

After examining the healed cosmetic tattoo, we can make the desired adjustments. Often the adjustments are minor and performed to achieve the best possible results.

How often are touch-ups needed?

Touch-ups significantly extend the life of your permanent makeup. A touch-up appointment is often recommended 4-6 weeks after your previous appointment. 

Some clients, such as those who require pigment-rich touch-ups may require a longer waiting period. A variety of factors, including technique, machine, needle, pigment, aftercare, the client’s skin type, and health, can influence the healed result.

Periodic maintenance can help you maintain stunning permanent makeup results. The opportunity to re-evaluate design and refine the result helps to ensure the best outcome. If you’ve had a permanent makeup session and want to discuss a touchup, call our office to schedule a consultation. We’ll go over your aesthetic goals and collaborate to find the best solution for you. Call or book online today!

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