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Why Who Administers Your Botox® and Dermal Fillers Matters

Why Who Administers Your Botox® and Dermal Fillers Matters | The Spa MD In Rochester Hills, MI

Botox® is the gold standard when it comes to minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Used to treat frown and smile lines, crow’s-feet, nasolabial folds, and tear troughs, Botox garners high demand for its excellent results. While you may be able to pop into your local salon for Botox treatment, it’s important to know that Botox is a drug and should only be administered by a trained professional.

Reversing the signs of aging with Botox

Botox and fillers are the top two minimally invasive procedures performed in the United States. Each year Botox accounts for more than 7 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and that number continues to rise. 

Botulinum toxin A is a drug made from a toxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It’s the same bacteria that causes a rare, potentially fatal type of food poisoning called botulism. Doctors use small doses of highly purified form of this toxin and are specially trained to use it safely and effectively.

When injected carefully and strategically, it blocks nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. This relaxes muscles and smooths wrinkles and fine lines. The effect lasts 3-6 months. Regular Botox treatment two to three times yearly can help keep the signs of aging at bay. 

Botox administration: Credentials matter

Here at The Spa MD, our Master Injector Jennett McLane has been administering Botox with our board-certified surgeon Dr. Joseph Mark for close to 20 years. There’s no substitute for having Botox administered by a highly trained and credentialed medical professional. Only health care professionals who undergo special training are given a license to administer Botox.

Our master injector has not only received training on the technical aspects of administering Botox, Ms. McLane is among the first providers trained in Botox administration. In addition to Botox, we offer Juvederm®, Vollure®, Voluma®, Kybella®, and Restylane® for the ultimate in antiaging treatment.

Professional Botox administration

When you visit the Spa Dr., your Botox treatment is administered under careful supervision of a physician. Our master injector and team of health professionals work in partnership with Dr. Mark to ensure the safe, effective administration of Botox injections. Our beauty care professionals make your comfort and safety a number one priority.

When not administered properly by a trained health professional, Botox can cause harm. You’re more likely to experience pain, drooping eyelids, and uneven distribution when someone who isn’t qualified administers your Botox treatment.

Our team takes stringent measures to smooth your wrinkles and restore your youthful-looking skin with minimal risk. For the best, most natural-looking results, Botox must be administered by a trained and licensed health professional.

A fresher face awaits

Experience smoother, vibrant, more youthful-looking skin with Botox treatment. With millions of Botox treatments performed, ring in the new year by turning back the hands of time. To get started, call us at The Spa MD to schedule a consultation, or book your consultation online using our convenient online booking tool.

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