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What Can I Do About My Unsightly Facial Veins?

What Can I Do About My Unsightly Facial Veins? | The Spa MD In Rochester Hills, MI

Spider veins are tiny web-like clusters of discolored veins that can form on the face. They can be a very noticeable issue that significantly diminishes the beauty of your face. Hereditary factors, sun exposure, hormonal changes, injuries, and a lack of proper blood flow can all lead to the formation of facial spider veins.

Facial spider veins can be effectively treated with light- and laser-based treatments. The light energy used for the treatment gently passes through the skin and targets the facial veins. The veins absorb the light energy, which causes the vein to close.

Once the vein has been destroyed, it is naturally absorbed by the body. These treatments take only a few minutes to complete, are relatively painless, and require little to no recovery time.

Contact The Spa MD to schedule a consultation for your light and laser facial vein treatment. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Mark can provide you with excellent care and can restore the beautiful complexion of your face.

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